Our Mission

We will provide high quality early learning programs that nurture children’s creativity and development, always seeking to meet the needs of our community and the families we serve.

Our Beliefs

We believe that:

  • Children learn best in a safe, supportive environment in which they are challenged and encouraged every day.
  • Partnerships with families and with the community strengthen and enrich our programs.
  • Caring, committed teachers are our most important resources.
  • Our programs must nurture children’s minds, bodies and spirits.

Our Vision

Our child development program will celebrate the wonder and excitement that young children bring to each day as they explore the world around them and build relationships with others.  We will nurture children’s development with experiences that inspire children to grow and learn in a safe, caring environment.  We will create strong and lasting partnerships with families and the community, allowing our teachers to create rich learning experiences for children, because we know …

A lifetime of learning
begins with a child’s
First Discoveries!

Play based experiences allow preschoolers to explore their world and create rich story lines, like a "big cat parade."


Before I can write a story in school, I need to "play" a story everyday!



"Almost all creativity involves purposeful play."  -- Abraham Maslow

Learning through Play

Based on the work of Maslow, Vygotsky and Piaget, our curriculum focuses on playful learning environments in which children make choices and solve challenges that are meaningful to them.


In the block center, children use engineering and science concepts as they discover how to build stable structures.  They also develop a sense of themselves as capable problem-solvers when they persist at solving a building challenge, and they express their creativity by using structured building materials (such as unit blocks) in new and interesting ways each day.

Our curriculum is based on early childhood research and theory, providing a foundation that supports children's healthy development.