Fall Festival 2015

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

10 am to 2 pm

Join us for lots of Fall Fun!

Bounce House

Huge Slide

Lots of Games

Tasty Food

Cake Walk

Farmer's Market

with Fresh Produce
Available for Purchase

Tomatoes, Corn, Squash

And so much more!

All proceeds benefit our teacher's professional development fund, allowing them to attend the NAEYC National Early Childhood Conference, being held in Orlando this month.  We appreciate all the support that we have received from families, and we are asking for one more great event before our conference!

Tickets for sale at the door.  Lunch and other goodies available on-site.  Don't forget to shop at the Farmer's Market!

Why Our Teachers want to Attend NAEYC's Conference this Month in Orlando

"NAEYC is so inspiring!  It's like a giant idea box!  I can't wait to learn new effective teaching methods that will help me in the classroom, and all the new ideas are so refreshing.  This is my first national conference, and I've been looking forward to it all year!"  -- Ms. Ashley

"I look forward to attending NAEYC's conference in November so I can grow both professionally and personally, enhancing my knowledge and understanding of child growth and development.  Speakers, presentations, and the exchange of ideas with fellow teachers will be such a valuable learning experience!"  -- Ms. Niki

"When I attend conferences, it's an opportunity for me to learn as a teacher so I can create better learning opportunities for the children.  NAEYC is so inspiring!  We go to the state conference every year, but the national conference is just amazing!  I went five years ago and I have been anxious to go back since!"  -- Ms. Jessica

"My class loves to sing ... and at the conference I will get to attend sessions with all their favorite musicians ... Jack Hartmann, Gregg & Steve ... can't wait to learn new songs to sing with my class!"  -- Ms. Debbie

"Five years ago, the NAEYC conference was in Orlando and several teachers from our school attended a Conscious Discipline session.  What a game-changer!  Our school began an amazing journey that changed how we perceived "misbehavior" and made us stronger teachers.  I can't wait to go with our staff this year.  I know that amazing things happen when so much positive energy is flowing!"  -- Ms. Cindy

Top 10 Things to Do at the Fall Festival

  1. Bounce, bounce, bounce!
    Who doesn't love to bounce in a bounce house?!
  2.  Drink some apple cider!
    There will be lunch for sale and lots of treats and goodies ... including delicious apple cider!  Yum!
  3.  Did someone say hay ride??!
    Yes!  A hay ride at First Discoveries in the field behind the fellowship hall.  Don't forget to take a picture!
  4.  Speaking of pictures ...
    Check out the pumpkin patch photo booth for great pictures that you can share with friends and families.
  5.  Check in!
    Don't forget to tell everyone that you are here!  As soon as you arrive, post a picture on Facebook and check in at First Discoveries!
  6.  Sssllliiidddeee!
    We love the slide!  It's a huge favorite of the kids ... and you are guaranteed to see a teacher or two slide down, too!
  7.  Farmer's Market
    Our annual Farmer's Market is going to be combined with our Fall Festival!  There will be a produce stand with lots of amazing fruits and vegetables.  Be sure to get some to take home!
  8.  Cake Walk
    The cake walk is always a hit!  At the Spaghetti Dinner, the cake walk was the place to be!  Come play and win a plate of cupcakes to take home!
  9.  Face Painting
    Ms. Keeli and some other volunteers will be making beautiful creations.  You don't want to miss it!
  10. Donut Challenge
    Who can get their donut off the string first ... without using their hands?  I can!  (Don't forget to video it!)

Location, Location, Location!

First Discoveries

4003 S Manhattan Avenue

Tampa, FL 33611

Phone: 813-831-8085

4003 S Manhattan Ave, Tampa FL 33611


Hope to see you there!