Developmental Infant Program

First Discoveries is pleased to announce that we are currently accepting pre-registrations for our infant program, which will be available May 2017.  This developmental infant program will provide nurturing care for four infants ages 6 weeks to 12 months.  Much more than "daycare," our infant program embraces the philosophy of our child development program: every moment is an opportunity to learn and grow!

Need infant care sooner than May 2017?  Please call today.  If we have at least two infants preregistered, we will offer the program sooner!

Please call 813-831-8085 today to schedule your visit and to reserve a space!

Why First Discoveries?

Our developmental infant program offers:

* A small group size of just 4 infants so your baby receives individualized care throughout the day

* Tummy time, outdoor time, stories and songs so your baby is growing and learning everyday!

* Communication throughout the day through our parent communication app so you have peace of mind knowing that baby is well cared for!

A Child's First Year of Life ...

The first year of a child's life is a time of remarkable growth!  Infants explore the world around them each day, and our developmental infant program will stimulate their curiosity and interest both in the classroom and during daily outdoor times.  We understand that even in infancy, learning occurs as children encounter problems and invent solutions.  Our program focuses on providing stimulating environments that help infants develop the ability to focus their attention, to persist in their efforts, and to communicate and understand language.

We know that an infant's relationship with family members is critical for healthy development, and we welcome parents as partners in their child's care.

We also understand that infants need to develop close, loving relationships with their teachers at school.  These relationships help them feel safe, allowing them to explore their surroundings with confidence.


Enrollment in the infant room is on-going, on a space available basis.  We do offer preregistration for expectant families.  To reserve a space for your child, please call the school today to schedule a tour.