Our New Home

One Amazing Place to Learn and Grow

In the fall of 2018, we were blessed to have the opportunity to purchase a beautiful historical building in the heart of Palma Ceia, just blocks from our current location.  The building was a church and served the South Tampa community for many years.  Recently, the building fell into disrepair, but it has amazing architectural features.  We are currently working with an architect, contractors, and the City of Tampa to coordinate renovations to restore and enhance the building.

When renovations are completed, our new home will offer so many amazing opportunities for children, families and teachers!

Outdoor Classrooms.  Our playgrounds will truly be an extension of our classrooms, with opportunities for children to climb, ride bikes, and dig in the sandbox.  We will have a gathering place for stories and special activities, as well as spaces for art and music. 

Organic Garden.  Gardens offer so many opportunities for learning!  Children plant seeds and watch them sprout.  They water and care for them as they grow, and then they help harvest, wash, and eat the vegetables they grow.

Spacious Classrooms.  The architectural details of the building include beautiful wooden vaulted ceilings that will allow us to create spacious classroom spaces for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and PreK/VPK.  Large, open classrooms create opportunities for children to collaborate, problem-solve, create, and learn.

Have you ever seen how excited a child is when they pull up carrots from the ground?  With school gardens, children have the chance to watch the entire life cycle from tiny carrot seed to tasty carrots that we can eat for lunch!

What is so amazing about an outdoor classroom is that the line between inside and outside can be blurred or even erased ... any activity that children do inside can also be explored outside, like painting at easels outside in the fresh air.