Preschool and Young Preschool Classes

Our Preschool and Young Preschool Classes serve children ages two and three years old with a hands-on, play-based learning environment.  Our curriculum uses art, music, stories and hands-on activities to promote children's development.  Children learn and grow as they play, explore the environment, interact with other children, and participate in daily activities planned by experienced, caring teachers.


Because we know that the early years build a critical foundation for children's success in school, our program incorporates early literacy as well as math and science into all areas of our day.  During a cooking project, we read the recipe, measure ingredients and then observe how the ingredients change when mixed and then cooked.  Every moment is packed with learning!


Learning Through Play

Our classrooms are organized into "learning centers" that encourage children to work and play cooperatively:

  • Block Center (size, shape, balance, symmetry, cooperation)
  • Dramatic Play / House (symbolic representation, creativity, cooperation, language skills)
  • Dramatic Play / Grocey Store (writing a shopping list, sorting fruits and vegetables)
  • Puzzles (part-whole relationships, problem-solving)
  • Sensory Play / Sand and Water (explore measuring cups, funnels, sieves)
  • Painting at the Easel (symbolic representation, fine motor, creativity)
  • Art (cutting, tearing, glueing and painting ... creativity, fine motor and problem solving)



Play is the highest form of research.   --   Albert Einstein