Terrific Toddlers

Our Toddler program serves one year olds, using a curriculum that enhances children's development.  Songs and stories help children learn to express themselves, while increasing their vocabulary.  Painting, play-dough, and other art activities strengthen the muscles in children's hands and help them develop fine motor control.  Dancing, catching balls and running on the playground develop gross motor skills and help children develop coordination.  Our toddlers are also learning how to play together, how to take turns (with a teacher's help!) and how to treat others with kindness and respect.  We are learning independence as we help dress ourselves, as we wash our hands, and as we learn important potty training skills. 


Every moment is a learning moment!


Experiences with real objects build children's curiosity and provide incredible language development:


watermelon, round, smooth, heavy, big, sweet, wet, yummy

Daily Activities

Our toddler program focuses on enhancing children's development across all developmental domains through all our daily routines:

  • Nutritious Meals and Snacks with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Circle Time with Songs, Stories and Dancing.  Young toddlers enjoy songs and stories one-on-one with a teacher, and our older toddlers are learning to appreciate singing and dancing with the group.  Our toddlers are also learning sign language to help them express themselves and reduce frustration while improving fine motor skills and stimulating brain development.
  • Playtime is Learning Time!  As toddlers, our most important job is to play!  We love to build with blocks, snuggle a baby doll, and explore puzzles.  During our playtime, our teachers help us explore as we paint, use markers, and play with playdough.  We understand that play is a child's work ... it is a time to make choices, explore materials, and build critical social and language skills.
  • Outside Playtime.  We love to run and play with our teachers.  We go outside every morning and every afternoon to ride trikes, play with chalk and bubbles, explore balls, and have fun on our shaded toddler playground.
  • Rest Time.  Toddlers need a balance of active play and restful experiences.  At nap time, our teachers provide a restful atmosphere with relaxing music so our toddlers can establish good daily routines.

Amazing Teachers, Amazing Learning Experiences

We are proud to say that we have amazing teachers!  Our staff care for and nurture the children every day, and it is their dedication that makes our program so exceptional!  Our teachers have training and experience in early childhood and they are dedicated to ensuring that your child's experience at school is truly amazing!

Most importantly of all, our teachers understand that building caring relationships with children and their families is the foundation of a high-quality toddler program!  We are committed to serving you and your family.